Melcom Systems we offer a comprehensive CCTV installation and maintenance service, catering for all types of Applications. Our CCTV packages can start from a single black & white camera, monitor and VCR ideal for homes and small retail outlets and can go up to a full CCTV system that you could even monitor from home or anywhere in the world. We understand that each application is unique, whether it the stock in your shop you want to protect or perhaps give your guests at your hotel extra peace of mind, we can help. which is why we offer a free site survey and quotation to make sure you get exactly what you require.

Our services include:

  • Complete CCTV installations
  • Add-ons to existing CCTV systems including extra Cameras, monitors etc.
  • Maintenance

Some of our products include:

  • Cameras
  • Recorders
  • VCR

Digital Multiplexors

For use on larger systems with numerous cameras. Using computer technology the recorder uses a hard drive to store all of the cameras information 24 hours a day for up to a month at a time. At any time you can play back the recording from any camera while still recording. The multiplexer allows you to see all of your cameras on one screen at once, live! The recorder also has a network link so you can connect it to your local area network and view your cameras from your PC, or even over the internet at home.


Operates on existing wired & wireless computer networks and removes the need for running separate cables for the CCTV system, making installation, quick, convenient & inexpensive. As the CCTV system operates over a network the cameras can be accessed by anyone on the same network or via the Internet and recorded on a PC on the network. Another advantage of IP CCTV cameras is that they can connect directly to the network or ADSL (broadband) connection (router required), no PC is required, the cameras are self contained and supplied ready for connection, this means that time and money is saved by the fact no separate PC is needed for each camera/location and the cameras are also more reliable since there is less equipment to go wrong and the cameras have no hard drive or other components which may cause problems over time.