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Security systems in the Midlands

Melcom Systems Ltd are your local security experts, operating throughout the Midlands and providing high-level security solutions to both commercial and domestic premises. Whatever your specific security requirements, we’re sure to have a solution for you that can be tailored to meet your every need.

Security is extremely important, that much is obvious. But what’s less obvious is that we don’t need to compromise when it comes to security. While some companies may push individual products and services, we prefer to point our customers towards an all-in-one, comprehensive security system that takes care of everything.

Not everyone’s – or every company’s – security needs are the same. That’s why we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your circumstances before recommending a solution to you. By discussing with you what you need and why you think you need it, we may be able to point you to a better solution or make small tweaks to our offering. Doing so ensures you’re left completely satisfied after we’ve finished the installation process, safe in the knowledge that your premises are secure.

Emergency Lights

Certain industries and businesses – think hotels and large halls – require emergency lights to be fitted in hallways and key areas of access. These need to be serviced every 12 months, and this is a legal obligation. It is, of course, also an option to have these emergency lights installed if you’re not legally obliged to. Just get in touch with us to discuss your own specific requirements and we will recommend the best solutions for you.


We do also offer a servicing solution for all of our intruder alarms and security systems. You can have your systems serviced every 12 months and, although it is not a legal obligation in all cases, many insurance companies do require this for the insurance to remain valid. Let us know if you require a servicing solution and we will discuss your options with you.

Hambleton Hall

Hambleton Hall is a prestigious venue in Oakham, Rutland that we had the pleasure of working with. They approached us looking for a comprehensive security solution and we delivered a tailored solution of the highest quality. We installed and continue to manage fire alarms for the entire hotel, plus all the out buildings – also intruder alarms and CCTV, and a range of other security measures to ensure the building and its inhabitants were protected.

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